This picture was taken at a Girl Scout Thinking Day in February 2007. I spoke to the girls about self-esteem and bullying.

Eliminating relational aggression (bullying) is an issue I care passionately about since it has a serious impact on children's emotional health and on the safety of our schools. Every child deserves the right to learn in safety and without harassment.

Implementing anti-bullying programs can increase the safety of our schools and create a better environment for learning. Experts at the US Department of Education and Secret Service agree:
"Metal detectors, student profiles and police officers patrolling school hallways are less likely to prevent school shootings than anti-bullying programs like one conducted in Delaware."

If your child is being bullied, here are some resources that may be helpful.

For parents:
Stop Bullying Now
National Youth Violence Prevention Center
TE School District Guide on Cyberbullying

For parents of girls:
Odd Girl Out
This article in Oprah Magazine summarizes some of the advice Rachel Simmons gives in Odd Girl Out.
The Ophelia Project

I received a kind email the other day from Julie at Stop RA Today. Julie's website offers some wonderful resources for students and parents about the problems of bullying and relational aggression- Here's the message from Julie:
"I was reading blogs this morning on RA and found your blog. I am happy to hear that you are so active in this regard! I've started a website on that subject, as well as speaking in local schools here in VA. Keep up the great work, hope you win!"