Debbie's Doorknocking Efforts- 2500 Doors!

An article about doorknocking and the upcoming election ran today in the Main Line Life. I was mentioned in the article:

"...Debbie Bookstaber, a Republican T/E Region 2 school board candidate, is the speed demon. During the hour I joined her, she hit 50 houses.

At 29, she's one of the youngest candidates on the Main Line, and it shows in her casual and tech savvy approach. As soon as someone appears at the door, she says, "Hi, my name is Debbie and I'm running for school board." She leaves out her last name and party affiliation. After handing her flyer to the voter (she doesn't knock on doors of people who haven't voted in the last four years), she says, "If you have more questions or want more information, my Web site and email are on the back of the flyer."

Then she breezes to the next door. Bookstaber works for an Internet company, and she's the only candidate I observed who puts a major focus on using the Web to communicate with voters.

She also keeps an extremely detailed campaign database. This database led her to discover that the neighborhoods where she campaigned before the primary contain the precincts in which she did very well among Democrats.
It's these Democratic votes, she believes, that helped her beat incumbent Republican Kevin Mahoney for the open spot on the Democratic school board ballot. (Like all T/E school board candidates, she ran in both the Republican and Democrat primaries.) The moral of Bookstaber's story? The door-to-door campaign works."

By the time of the election, I will have knocked 2,500 doors. I've enjoyed hearing your feedback and answering your questions (both at your door and by email-

If you haven't met me yet, hopefully I'll have a chance to knock on your door prior to the election. Either way, I'd love to hear from you. I think it's important to take the time to listen to your ideas about how to maintain our excellent school system and to hear your concerns about what you'd like to see improved in the future.